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We bring clarity to your numbers.

We're experts at translating complex numbers into clarifying insights.
Our Story

Steady. Smart. Strong.

We are steady in all situations.
We find solutions, not problems.
We are prepared for all scenarios.
Bison in a field

A few years back, I (Kurtis) went to Yellowstone on a vacation. As you drive around the park, you'll see fields with Bison.

At first glance, these animals are scary. Big. Strong. And Horns. But as you watch them, they spend their days grazing and resting.

This made me curious about these animals, so I decided to do some research. And as you learn about them, you see tons of admirable traits: steady, smart, and strong.

For example, when storms are coming, cows turn and run away. But Bison turn into the storm.

By turning into the storm, they shorten the period of time they experience the negative effects of the weather.

As I (Kurtis) prepared to launch this firm in 2022, I asked myself: what do we want our relationship with our clients to be?

As I reflected, I kept coming back to the Bison.

Steady. Smart. Strong.

As a financial advisor to your business, we want to live these values.

We won't panic.
We will bring solutions to the table.
And we'll help carry the load alongside the CEO/Owner.

It's on these principles that Bison CFO was built.

Let us be your financial advocate and turn your stress and uncertainty to clarity and confidence.

Bison in a field
Picture of business owner, Kurtis Hanni
The man with the vision

Kurtis: Your Trusted Financial Friend.

Kurtis is the founder of Bison CFO, brings 15 years of financial expertise to empower small businesses.

Based in Oklahoma City, he leads a global team, leveraging technology for tailored CFO services.

Kurtis focuses on strategic planning, monthly financial reviews, and demystifying finances.

His mission is to guide businesses from startup to $100 million+ and take the financial stress out of the equation.

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